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Founded 2007 from London, United Kingdom
We are MVP expert and have experience in building websites, web applications, iOS apps and Android apps from ground-up. Our diverse experience include working in verticals such as betting, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, finance / investment, artificial intelligence (non-robotic).
IqGlobal Logistics| Noshlist| Akiin| Veromuse
  • Ruby on Rails|
  • AWS |
  • JavaScript
  • ITX-SP-0059

    Founded 2007 from Noida, India
    An award winning team of "All Stars" who breathe 100% Customer Success, Innovation and Ownership. Recognized as Top 100 Web/Mobile Development outsourcing company in India in 2013. 200+ developers, 5 offices across India/UK/US/ANZ, 300+ apps projects, 500+ web projects, 150+ Happy customers.
    Trilogy Inc.| Versata Inc.| gDev LLC| Times Internet Limited
  • Ruby on Rails|
  • Web Services |
  • JavaScript
  • ITX-SP-0099

    Founded 2009 from Lucknow, India
    We believe SmartPhones and Cloud Computing are the future. Just as the ‘convenience’ is moving to the small smartphone devices and the ‘complexity’ is moving to the cloud. We strive to continue delivering complex IT solutions and cutting-edge smartphone applications to our clients across the globe
    Nescafe / Nestle| Deutsche Bank| Doonan Speech Therapy| Anatex
  • Ruby on Rails|
  • Java |
  • iOS
  • ITX-SP-0029

    Founded 2005 from Bangalore, India
    Software Services Provider in the domain of Web, Mobile and Cloud.With its experience in utilizing the right technology the company has been successfully delivering projects by understanding the importance of businesses to go beyond just the traditional touch point.
    Google| Hersheys| RedBus| Apollo Munich Health Insurance
  • JavaScript |
  • MySQL |
  • HTML
  • Also expert in Ruby on Rails


    Founded 2006 from Jaipur, India
    "You can't perform today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow." We've taken this to heart and believe in staying on the cutting edge of everything we do. We're here to take on your information & technology problems, so you can focus on the important part of business - Revenue!
    CLIENTS - App Marketplace| - Online Food Ordering Service| - Compare Drugs & Search Engine| - Travel Booking Portal
  • PHP |
  • Android |
  • MySQL
  • Also expert in Ruby on Rails

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