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Swarm Intelligence: Solving complex problems through Ant Colony Optimization

by Sanjeev Kapoor 02 Dec 2022
24 Nov 2022

Circular Supply Chain Management: Enabling Sustainable...

Nowadays environmental performance and sustainable supply chains are at the very top of...
17 Nov 2022

FAIR data management: Should organizations invest in it?

Data is a very valuable asset in today's business world. Businesses that understand,...
11 Nov 2022

CIEM solutions: Manage access risk in multi-cloud environments

Today, many enterprises take advantage of multiple cloud environments, including public...
04 Nov 2022

Federated Machine Learning: Enabling Collaborative learning

Machine learning systems are one of the most powerful tools for extracting insights from...
27 Oct 2022

B2B data sharing: Driving Business Insight and Innovation

Data sharing between businesses has always been an issue. The primary reason for this is...
20 Oct 2022

RPAaaS: Making Enterprise Automation commercially viable

For almost a decade, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has taken business automation to...
13 Oct 2022

Low-Code/No-Code development platforms: Benefits &...

In recent years, several low-code/no-code development platforms and tools have been...
07 Oct 2022

DevOps: Open Source vs. Commercial tools for Enterprises

One of the hottest topics in software development is DevOps, which represents a set of...
22 Sep 2022

Significance of Customer Involvement in Agile Methodology

Given the increasing reliance of business functions on software, developers are required...
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