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We swiftly meet your short and long term talent needs for junior or senior resources, across a wide range of services, technologies and industries. Work with employees of proven companies, not freelancers.


Be it strategic staffing or contract resources, a single resource or multiple, tell us your need and we will find you top quality talent for your technology initiatives. Business Analysts, UX Designers, Senior Programmers, Developers, Architects, Business Consultants or Data Engineers - our curated network of 500+ certified companies bring you over 700,000 experts.
Skip wading through hundreds of aspirant profiles to select the ones you need. Receive fitting resumes of suitable candidates, screened by experts and matched to fit your job description. Personalized match making run by ITeXchange experts brings you candidates for your unique needs. Review resumes that have passed our evaluation process to save effort and time.


Use audio or video calls for interviews or conduct tests to assess their strengths and capabilities. Continue the evaluation process till you are fully satisfied with the candidate. Get support for any process your company follows and get a smooth evaluation process, managing interactions and feedback, and recalibrating requirements as required.
Pre-negotiated rates and pre-signed agreements minimize your time to engage the selected resources. Confidentiality and IP protection clauses are built into all agreements to safeguard your interests. Reduce your risks of remote working by getting a commitment of full-time resources from established companies. Our 15-day trial period gives you peace of mind to outsource with confidence.



Monitor progress and manage your engagement leveraging the ITeXchange platform. Chat, share documents, review timesheets and more, all confidentially in a private location. Keep a track of your financials including invoices and spending. Get independent reviews from our team on your developer projects.

Let's help you build a tech team!

Let's help you expand your reach!

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