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Our meticulous empanelment process brings you the best IT companies from across the world. Our curated network delivers you the best-in-class IT talent for an extensive spectrum of skills.

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ITeXchange works only with the top global IT service providers. Our sellers are a “by invitation” network of specialist companies, onboarded through a rigorous evaluation process. IT providers undergo a 3-step assessment that includes an initial screening, a detailed evaluation and a engagement specific site verification. Over 10,000 service providers have been screened to date to build our network of world class providers spanning 50 countries and 15 time-zones.


Hundreds of IT companies are reviewed each month to expand our curated provider network. We gauge companies based on technical strengths, company age, employee count and other such parameters.


Shortlisted companies are subjected to a detailed evaluation on aspects covering company ownership, geographic footprint, employee policies and commercial terms. ITeXchange also verifies service providers facilities to ensure that all our partners have world-class infrastructure to effectively deliver business-critical services.


Empaneled companies are assessed and rated on an ongoing basis and are provided with regular feedback, including feedback from our Buyers, to bring ongoing improvement. These ratings are a key consideration when awarding new projects to the providers.

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