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What is ITeXchange

We work with world class Service Providers and are fiercely focused on the successful delivery of your outsourced software projects. Join the league of leading businesses who get their outsourcing “first time right” with us.

700,000 High-quality Resources
600+ Technologies
3,000+ Projects Successfully
40% Average Project

How it works

We leverage our outsourcing expertise and use a simple, transparent approach to build an outsourced team for your needs. Our in-house project managers utilize our intuitive governance platform to manage your project.

Who is using ITeXchange

STARTUPS Tech startups looking to build or mature their MVPs (Minimum Viable Product)
PRODUCT COMPANIES Software companies
looking to create global delivery teams
MIDMARKET Midsize companies
looking for niche, hard
to find IT skills
IT COMPANIES IT companies looking
to expand their global
delivery talent pool


Our Global Network

We assessed over 10,000 IT companies using our rigorous 3-step evaluation process, to create our curated network of 500 providers. ITeXchange has empaneled the best-in-class IT providers from over 50 countries and across 15 time zones.


Why use ITeXchange

Fierce focus on quality We strive hard to make your outsourced engagements successful.
World class Service Providers Our curated companies undergo a rigorous selection process before empanelment.
Price Discovery We compare multiple proposals and bring you the most suited one so you get the right quality at the right price.
Speed and predictability We help you get started quickly
by pre-selecting service providers,
pre-negotiated contracts and rates.
Powered by Humans We handhold you throughout
the outsourcing process and help you drive the results.
Unified Collaboration Platform Our streamlined communication platform and process eliminates complexity from outsourcing.

Major Services

Number of providers 120+ 150+ 70+ 25+ 10+
Total Resources 8000+ 10000+ 3000+ 3000+ 500+
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