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How to convince your CEO about Outsourcing

How to convince your CEO about Outsourcing
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 11 Dec 2013

As widespread as outsourcing has become, many people are still not completely comfortable with it. Some old school CEOs, for example, resist the idea of having tasks performed offsite. The fact that many outsourcers are in other countries makes it even more challenging for some traditionalists to accept.

Yet the advantages of outsourcing are simply too significant to overlook. In fact, in today’s economic climate, it may be necessary to outsource if you want to stay competitive. If you have to convince your CEO of the wisdom of this course of action, how should you present your argument?

The most obvious lure of outsourcing is that it reduces costs. By finding the right outsourcer for essential tasks, your company can save quite a bit of money that can be reinvested in more profitable areas. To convince a stubborn CEO, you may have to crunch some actual numbers and put them in front of him or her.

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There is another, equally important reason why outsourcing often makes sense. It gives your company more time to focus on core activities that help the business grow. If many hours are spent on mundane tasks, this drains time and resources that could be used more productively.

Certain activities are seasonal, cyclic rather than year-round. Such tasks can be outsourced when necessary and then put on the shelf the rest of the time. This way the company doesn’t have to maintain full time staff or departments for things that are only done on certain occasions.

These are some of the critical reasons why outsourcing is often the best course of action. If your CEO isn’t aware of this yet, it may be necessary for you to present some of these facts to him or her. The future of your business might depend on it.

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