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by Sanjeev Kapoor 17 Feb 2020

Seven popular Web Application Development Frameworks

For nearly twenty years most software applications are web based. From web sites to...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 03 Feb 2020

Eight UI/UX Design Best Practices for SMBs

Customer centricity and user friendliness are two of the most important requirements for...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 26 Oct 2018

Android: Stock, One or Go?

The Android Operating System (OS) is one of the most prominent IT developments of our...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 31 Aug 2018

The different dimensions of Mobile App Testing

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our everyday life. It goes without saying...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 15 Jun 2018

Mobile Payments: Mobile-first means Security-first

As smartphones, tablets and other sorts of mobile devices proliferate, enterprises are...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 29 Dec 2017

Mobile Apps of 2017: Our winners!

Thousands of innovators are everyday working on new ideas for mobile apps, which leads...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 14 Sep 2017

mHealth: Healthcare at your fingertips

Mobile health (mHealth) involves the use of mobile devices, sensing technologies and...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 23 Dec 2015

Why Apple Needs Every App to Migrate to 64-Bit Architecture

Back in the 1990s, there was shift that desktop computing and gaming consoles went...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 03 Sep 2015

5 Fixes for Securing your Enterprise Mobile App

If you have developed a mobile app lately chances are that it’s insecure, and...
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