Tag: Web Services
by Sanjeev Kapoor 16 Mar 2023

Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS): The basics

Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 11 Nov 2022

CIEM solutions: Manage access risk in multi-cloud environments

Today, many enterprises take advantage of multiple cloud environments, including public...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 21 Jul 2022

Key challenges with iPaaS and how to resolve them

Nowadays, many enterprises use cloud computing infrastructures and cloud services to...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 28 Jul 2020

API Gateways: The Basics you Need to Know

Modern software development applications are built based on the microservices...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 05 Jan 2018

IT Priorities for SMBs in 2018

Every new year comes with a host of IT-related challenges as well as opportunities for...
by Sanjeev Kapoor 10 Sep 2015

DevOps: How to Increase your IT Efficiency & Slash Cost

In most organizations there is a clear distinction of roles in the IT function. ...
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