Why Work with IT Exchange to Identify the Best Option for Outsourcing

Why Work with IT Exchange to Identify the Best Option for Outsourcing
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 08 Dec 2015

Medium and large-sized companies often face the dilemma of choosing the right service provider when a plethora of options are available to them. While the world is an increasingly changing place, the need for quality IT services has remained the same. With an influx of smaller companies, there are a lot of IT service providers in the market.

This development has both its positive and negative effects. While it is now much easier to find IT service providers, finding the right provider who understands the needs of a medium sized business is a more difficult task. Moreover, medium and large sized businesses feel pressurized when faced with the task of choosing the right provider among the many available.

IT Exchange as a solution

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A solution is to use an interface such as the IT Exchange, which is a unique marketplace for technology services. All its service providers are chosen after many deliberations and before being able to offer their services, the IT service providers undergo a rigorous selection process. IT Exchange helps its clients to manage the entire lifecycle of a project with utmost efficiency.

Medium and large sized companies can especially benefit from IT Exchange’s ability to help clients choose the best IT service providers and manage a project’s entire lifecycle.

1.      Registering IT buyers and service providers

IT Exchange serves as a platform for both IT buyers and service providers. Service providers are carefully chosen through a rigorous selection process. It reduces the time and red-tape involved in recruiting and briefing IT service providers. Its simple registration procedure helps companies to focus on optimizing their ROI without consuming time or resources.

2.      Initiating a project, understanding its specifications

IT buyers can easily browse through detailed profiles of service providers and compare them with other options. After having made a decision, clients can choose from multiple technologies, services and industries in order to find a tailor-made IT solution that meets all their criteria. Specific criteria for each project can be discussed with the providers before making selections.

3.      Evaluating proposals received on posted project requests

IT buyers can also post project requirements on IT Exchange and seek proposals from service providers. After carefully evaluating proposals that are received, clients can choose the right IT service provider. It is often the proposals themselves that help companies to make the right decision.

4.      Monitoring entire execution of the project

IT Exchange helps clients to oversee medium and large-sized IT projects. Status updates, communication with IT service providers, tracking progress and asking for custom solutions can all be managed securely with the help of IT Exchange’s interface. An entire project can be handled in a simple and efficient manner while monitoring even the minutest details.

IT Exchange helps companies to choose the best IT professionals

IT Exchange helps companies to choose efficient IT service providers without having to wade through the risks. Partnering with IT Exchange can be beneficial to medium and large-sized companies as their IT requirements will be taken care of by experienced professionals. Certainly, IT Exchange helps large and busy organizations to reduce their IT workload, responsibility and recruitment needs.

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