Marketing technology has seen an explosion of sorts, with thousands of tools, both free and paid available at the click of a few buttons. But when your budget, time and resources are limited this problem of plenty can cause analysis paralysis, and distract you from the actual work. This whitepaper is designed to spell out what should go into digital marketing toolkit for a Startups and a Small Business marketer. It lists the best marketing tools out there - both free and paid and it shows how to combine and chain link multiple tools to get the data and insights that will help marketers achieve their business objectives.

Read this whitepaper to find out:

  • The best in class tools you might need for activities like SEO, content marketing and email marketing
  • Workflows and best practices for using the individual tools to get actionable results
  • Tips on how to chain-link multiple tools so that you can perform tasks efficiently

This whitepaper will make you a smarter marketer, and will cut out hours that you might have otherwise spent in research. 

Let's help you build a tech team!

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