IT is changing how customers interact with brands and how businesses are being built. 

As old rulebooks are redundant and gatekeepers vanish, traditional enterprises find themselves competing with agile and nimble startups for a share of the market. And quite often, they are seceding ground.

In this charged up atmosphere effective use of IT in systems and processes can prove to be the proverbial ace up the organizational sleeve. Today CIOs have the opportunity to move IT from a service provider role for the line of business units to actually helping transform the entire organization. 

In this whitepaper we examine how the role of the CIO has changed in today’s digital, social and the mobile age. With special focus on cloud, mobile, big data and social this whitepaper outlines, among other things: The challenges modern CIOs are facing around their roles, and what they can do to fit into the new canvas. Data backed discussions into how cloud, mobile, big data and social are changing enterprises.

A big picture look at what CIOs should be looking at in the short, middle and long term to prepare enterprises for these changes.

CIOs must evolve and change or they will be become dispensable. This whitepaper offers some ideas.

Let's help you build a tech team!

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