What is IT Exchange

We work with world class service providers and are fiercely focused on successful delivery of your outsourced software projects. Join the league of leading businesses who have found the right outsourcing partners with us.

1500+ Service Providers
75+ Service Providers
On Boarded
100+ Projects Successfully
40% Average Project

Service Lines

Number of providers 25+ 50+ 10+ 10+ 10+
Total Resources 5000+ 7000+ 1000+ 500+ 500+
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Who is using IT Exchange

STARTUPS Tech startups looking to
build, mature their minimum
viable product (MVP)
MIDMARKET Midsize companies
looking for specific,hard
to find IT skills
IT COMPANIES IT companies looking
for a partner to expand
their talent pool
companies looking to
expand their tech teams

Why use IT Exchange

Fierce focus on quality We strive hard to make
your outsourced engagement
Unified Collaboration Platform Streamlined communication
and process.
World class Service Providers Our curated Service Providers
undergo a rigorous selection process
so you engage with only the best.
Price Discovery Our transparent process enables you
to compare multiple proposals so you
get the right quality at the right price.
Speed and predictability We help you get started quickly
as you meet providers evaluated for
their track.
Powered by Humans We handhold you throughout
the process with someone always
available to help you.

How it works

Our intuitive platform is guaranteed to deliver your IT requirements in 5 simple and transparent steps.

How IT Exchage Works
& Monitor
& Evaluate


Sanjeev Sanjeev Kapoor Kapoor
At the Crossroads of Mobility: HTML5, Native or Hybrid In this increasingly social and open world, mobile apps have changed the focus from what's on the web to what's on the apps on mobile devices. For businesses, mobile strategy is no longer an option but a necessity to offer a seamless experience on mobile sites, mobile apps and also traditional online channels. Poor mobile experience is intolerable to everyone—customers, partners and...

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