BigData and AI: Problem Solvers or Problem Generators?

BigData and AI: Problem Solvers or Problem Generators?
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 21 Jan 2020

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are without doubt two of the most trending ICT topics of our era. Modern enterprises are increasingly becoming data-driven and use AI tools to solve problems and improve their business results. At the same time, consumers use a variety of Big Data and AI applications that boost their convenience and save time and costs. Research reports agree that AI applications are set to have a bright future and to experience explosive growth in the years to come. Nevertheless, the expanded use of BigData and AI comes with issues that could negatively affect our business and social lives. Recent incidents of unethical use of AI have highlighted these issues and confirmed they are for real. Therefore, it’s likely that we see a serious wave of skepticism over the large-scale use of AI.


BigData and AI Scepticism

BigData and AI skepticism have its roots in several ethical issues, including:

These are most points of criticism against Big Data and AI, but the above issues are probably the ones that are at the very top of the social and political agenda.


Guidelines and Opportunities in the Big Data Era

Fortunately, there are some actions to take in order to alleviate concerns about the use of AI for business and social improvement. The solutions lie not only in technology but also in our culture and stance against the wave of BigData and AI systems.


Overall, BigData and AI technologies are evolving rapidly and destined to solve a variety of business and societal problems. However, they come with dangers as well, which ask for new technological solutions, but also for new ideas in policymaking in areas like education and social policies. Most importantly, there is a need for a cultural shift in the way humans use and trust these technologies for problem-solving.

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