14 Oct 2023

Seven Best Practices for DevOps and CI/CD

DevOps (Development and Operations) is the most modern approach to developing, deploying...
08 Apr 2023

Benefits of Automated Testing in DevOps

In recent years, Development and Operations has become the most popular approach for...
07 Oct 2022

DevOps: Open Source vs. Commercial tools for Enterprises

One of the hottest topics in software development is DevOps, which represents a set of...
19 May 2022

The role of CIOs in fostering an agile and innovative DevOps...

In today's agile organization, the term 'DevOps' is used to describe a team's use of...
12 Nov 2019

Secure Software Development: From DevOps to DevSecOps

Modern software development is based on DevOps practices, which combine software...
30 Jun 2019

The DevOps Tooling Ecosystem

DevOps is currently the most popular methodology for developing enterprise scale...
30 Nov 2018

Tools and Techniques DevOps Continuous Integration and Testing

For nearly two decades, agile development processes are considered a vehicle for faster...
03 Aug 2018

A closer look at five tools for DevOps and Continuous Integration

DevOps is the current novel software development approach, which unifies software...
04 May 2018

Modern DevOps for Software Quality and Automation

Iterative software development is one of the most popular software engineering best...
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