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16 Feb 2024

How Mid-Market Companies Are Revolutionizing eCommerce?

In today's digital era, the eCommerce revolution has been transforming the landscape of...
23 Mar 2020

Modern IT Infrastructure Management for SMBs

Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) are increasingly digitizing their business processes. For...
30 Oct 2019

Five ways for Differentiating your organization in a Post Digital...

For over two decades enterprises have been undergoing an unprecedented digital...
10 Jun 2019

Royalty Free: What does it mean for SMBs?

Knowledge intensive industries are very much dependent on the proper use of Intellectual...
05 Jan 2018

IT Priorities for SMBs in 2018

Every new year comes with a host of IT-related challenges as well as opportunities for...
24 Aug 2017

Here’s why you need to setup a PM CoE

In a recent McKinsey & Co. survey among senior executives, 60% of the respondents...
05 Jan 2017

Cybersecurity: Why is it hard for SMBs?

Cybersecurity is a central concern for Small Medium Businesses (SMBs), as the latter...
20 Oct 2016

Serious games: Employee Training Tool or Productivity Driver?

We all know business processes are challenging and complicated. Meeting sales targets,...
29 Apr 2016

What Happens When Enterprises Partner With Startups?

Sometimes, everyone wins. Farrer and Co. is a London based law firm founded in 1701...
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