Is it time for a Mobile first strategy?

Is it time for a Mobile first strategy?
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 16 May 2017

I am quite sure you spend more time browsing using your mobile device rather than your personal computer/ laptop. This happens, nowadays, to the majority of internet users in most of the developed countries. Moreover, this trend is likely to increase as processing power, storage capacity and bandwidth availability are increasing at exponential rates, rendering your smart phone (or tablet) your primary computing device. In 2014, we passed the tipping point, where the number of mobile internet users surpassed the respective number of desktop users. This is reported in a recent survey by SmartInsigts, which also found that the majority of internet searches are carried out through mobile devices rather than conventional personal computers and laptops.

As the dominance of mobile computing increases, enterprises can no longer afford to put the design and development of mobile applications at a low priority. On the contrary, mobile application development should be prioritized over conventional web development. This shift in prioritization is commonly known as the “mobile-first” approach.


Mobile-First: A paradigm shift

Mobile-first is not just about enabling access to some services through mobile devices. Rather, it is a paradigm shift, which designs on-line experiences primarily for the majority of mobile users instead of focusing on the base of desktop users. This means, designing your services according to the way mobile users prefer to browse pages, search for information, navigate applications, as well as to the way they pay. That’s completely different from the usual way of doing things, which was: developing a desktop application first and then providing mobile access capabilities.


Application Examples

In order to understand a mobile-first strategy in practice, let’s look at three practical examples:


Building your Mobile First Strategy

Here are some tips for developing a mobile-first strategy for your IT-enabled services:

Mobile first is the best preparation for the world of ever-increasing mobile devices and it also helps you save money and increase your reach. We hope that our tips could help you start on the right foot and give your audience the best user experience possible.

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