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The Rise in Demand for Microsoft Azure Skills

The Rise in Demand for Microsoft Azure Skills
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 13 Dec 2015

An increasing number of companies have begun to move towards cloud computing and in the present market, it is often difficult to survive without engaging in some form of cloud computing. The cloud has made companies both small and large to access technologies that were previously forbiddingly expensive or difficult to access. If you have adopted cloud computing as well, you will know the importance of hiring IT professionals with the right certifications and skills.

Of these skills, Microsoft Azure is one of the most important certifications that one could possess. Microsoft Azure helps companies to build, deploy and manage services and applications with the help of a global network of datacenters. With this in mind, it only makes sense to hire IT professionals who are well versed with Microsoft Azure. In this article, let us understand why you may want to look at Microsoft Azure skills as a prerequisite before hiring your IT professionals.

1.      Cloud IaaS Offerings

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As most CEOs and CTOs would know, Microsoft Azure’s Infrastructure as a Service is offered on the public cloud. While this may help you to create virtual machines that are under your complete control, you will still need qualified IT professionals who can patch and maintain OS and app software on the cloud infrastructure. Hiring a skilled Microsoft Azure professional will help you to make use of its cloud IaaS offerings to the optimal level.

2.      Addressing Vector Attacks and Threats

While the cloud presents an opportunity to reduce costs and become more productive and efficient, the fact that it uses public space often leaves it vulnerable to external attacks. Microsoft Azure detects and fixes vector attacks and threats. Viruses, worms and other malicious entities which infect infrastructure can be handled by skilled Microsoft Azure professionals.

By ensuring that your IT team is well versed in the security side of cloud computing, especially Microsoft Azure, you can rest assured that your company’s data and infrastructure are protected against both external and internal vector threats.

3.      Linking Open Source and Windows Communities

If your company is increasingly relying on both proprietary and open source operating systems and software programs, you probably are not alone. A number of organizations today are opting for a hybrid method, which involves both proprietary and open source operating systems.

Microsoft Azure supports not only proprietary software programs but also open source modules. This is yet another reason why you must look for developers who have Microsoft Azure skills, so that you can capitalize on both open source and proprietary software programs, while getting your apps developed.

4.      Driving Windows Cloud Adoption

Microsoft Azure has been largely responsible for the increasing adoption of cloud. It is quite possible that it was Microsoft Azure which helped you towards adopting cloud computing and accelerating the process of discarding old methods. As someone who probably has decision making responsibilities in a company, you probably will stand a better chance with IT professionals who have Microsoft Azure skills than with those do not, when it comes to the touchy issue of ROI.

Looking ahead

Microsoft Azure skills should be one of your top priorities when you look at hiring developers and IT professionals. As more and more companies move towards cloud computing, there will be an increasing demand for professionals who are Azure-certified. This may result in you having to spend a little more when it comes to hiring the right IT professional. Yet, it makes sense to hire developers and IT professionals who will help you to ace your cloud computing strategies.

In a field like the IT, it is important to build a team that possesses the latest skills. With an increasing focus on cloud related technologies, it makes sense to hire professionals who have Microsoft Azure skills. If you already have IT professionals who are not trained in Microsoft Azure, you could probably get them enrolled in one of the recognized training and certification programs.

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