Top Challenges of Midsize Companies’ CIOs

Top Challenges of Midsize Companies’ CIOs
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 21 Dec 2013

What are some of the biggest midsize CIO challenges of today? The rapid acceleration of technology, along with a difficult economic climate presents quite a few challenges for midsize companies and their CIOs. To survive and flourish in this environment, it’s essential to be adaptable and to keep a close watch on current trends.

One midsize companies’ CIOs challenge is to keep up with the rising prevalence of mobile technology. More and more employees and customers alike are accessing the internet using mobile devices. Some companies are resisting this trend and attempting to stay in the age of desktops and laptops. The fact is, however, mobile devices such as Smart Phones, tablets and so forth keep gaining popularity as they offer more flexibility and allow employees to conduct business wherever they are.

Another midsize CIO issue that must be addressed is the increased use of cloud solutions for storing data. This is something that has been overtaking many industries recently and it offers a cheaper and more efficient way to store personal and corporate data. Employees and CIOs alike should learn to navigate the cloud so they can make the most of these developments.

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In general, it’s not more important than ever to keep a close watch of what is going on in both the local and global economy. Outsourcing is another issue that must be considered by most companies. If your competitors are outsourcing essential tasks which is not their business’ key competency, and saving time and money, you will have to at least consider doing the same thing. Identifying one or more areas where you can increase efficiency can make all the difference.

Not all businesses are the same, so you will have to identify the unique issues facing your company and industry. Midsize CIO challenges today are not insurmountable, but they do require that you pay attention and make adjustments when it’s necessary.

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