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Founded 2007 from London, United Kingdom
We are MVP expert and have experience in building websites, web applications, iOS apps and Android apps from ground-up. Our diverse experience include working in verticals such as betting, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, e-commerce, finance / investment, artificial intelligence (non-robotic).
IqGlobal Logistics| Noshlist| Akiin| Veromuse
  • App Development (Web) |
  • AWS |
  • JavaScript |
  • Selenium
  • ITX-SP-0112
    Founded 1988 from Bengaluru, India
    Over 25+ years in the industry, having offices in New Jersey, USA and Bengaluru, India is a comprehensive solution provider specializing in Application Development, MS Dynamics, Mobile Apps, TFS/VSTS Consulting, DevOps, Cloud, SAP and QA across a broad spectrum of domains.
    Microsoft MOOG Infosys Fortira
  • Packaged Applications (MS Dynamics) |
  • Healthcare
  • ITX-SP-0109
    Founded 2006 from Washington D.C., United States
    Our job lies in providing an exceptional product development environment and experience. Being fully conversant in product engineering, we understand your audience and monetize it.
    IBM| McAfee| Airtel| Nikkociti
  • .NET |
  • App Development (Legacy) |
  • Banking & Capital Markets
  • ITX-SP-0012
    Founded 2006 from Chennai, India
    We are a Managed service provider specializing in technology and services in the areas of Infrastructure Management. In order to deliver incremental value, we built a specialist domain capability by developing right methodologies and skills to improve efficiency to assist rapid solution deployment.
    EMKOR SOLUTIONS LIMITED| Cornerstone Information Technologies| Macmillan| Rediff
  • Delivered Admin |
  • Microsoft Exchange |
  • Infrastructure (Remote Mgmt)
  • ITX-SP-0059
    Founded 2007 from Noida, India
    An award winning team of "All Stars" who breathe 100% Customer Success, Innovation and Ownership. Recognized as Top 100 Web/Mobile Development outsourcing company in India in 2013. 200+ developers, 5 offices across India/UK/US/ANZ, 300+ apps projects, 500+ web projects, 150+ Happy customers.
    Trilogy Inc.| Versata Inc.| gDev LLC| Times Internet Limited
  • App Development (Web) |
  • Ruby on Rails |
  • Web Services |
  • JavaScript
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