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Leverage our expertise across all major mobile app development platforms: iOS, Android and Windows

120+ Number of
8000+ Total

Develop web applications across all major technologies – Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby, Drupal and more

150+ Number of
10000+ Total

Develop or deploy cloud based services and infrastructure. Create multi-tenanted applications for SaaS solutions

70+ Number of
3000+ Total

Leverage our teams to create Big Data solutions and draw actionable insights from your high-velocity data

25+ Number of
3000+ Total

Our certified Gamification providers design & build gaming solutions to connect with and engage your customers

10+ Number of
500+ Total

Our product engineering teams take your idea and turns it into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and more

20+ Number of
2000+ Total

World class usability agencies help create a terrific user experience for your websites, web and mobile apps

15+ Number of
500+ Total

Get all your testing needs delivered through us - manual (functional), automated & performance testing

100+ Number of
4500+ Total

Complete range of Business Intelligence, Reporting skills for all your Data Warehousing and Business Analytics needs

25+ Number of
3000+ Total

Power your organization with a comprehensive range of Enterprise solutions: Dynamics, Sales Force, Oracle & more

20+ Number of
3500+ Total

Leverage a wide range of infrastructure management solutions including remote monitoring and data center services

15+ Number of
3500+ Total

We bring together all the skills needed for digital marketing – Content, SEO, SEM and Social Media

10+ Number of
2000+ Total
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    Let our certified developers get your mobility services up and running:
  • Development of Mobile Apps across iOS, Android and Windows platforms
  • Mobile web development on HTML5 platform
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
  • Integration of new mobile apps with existing applications
    Our certified service providers help you consolidate your digital footprint by supporting a wide range of web solutions:
  • Sophisticated front-end web application development using capabilities such as Ajax, Jquery
  • Multiple web application development platforms - Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails
  • Integration on CMS systems – Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco and others
  • Development of large scale ecommerce solutions
    Develop and deploy sophisticated cloud technology solutions leveraging our suppliers’ skills:
  • Customization and integration of Salesforce and other SaaS services
  • Expertise across most popular cloud services: Azure, AWS, IBM, Rackspace
  • Cloud deployment and hosting
  • Private cloud and virtualization
    Our Service Providers make Big Data draw actionable insights for you:
  • Expertise in the NoSQL query language
  • Expertise in latest Big Data platforms: Hadoop, Python, SAP HANA
  • Advanced Big Data analytics and reporting skills
  • Expertise in predictive analytics
    Let us implement end-to-end gamification ideas for your product:
  • Expertise in game architecture design and conceptualization
  • Experience in designing custom badges
  • Experience in creating dynamic point levels and thresholds
  • Expertise in developing mobile and social gaming apps
    Leverage the expertise on our network to take your product concept to its completion:
  • Rich experience in offshore project delivery
  • Stringent quality standards
  • End-to-end capabilities from product concept to completion
  • Work agile for continuous innovation
    Our network of service providers provide you with a sophisticated range of UI/ UX solutions:
  • Expertise in designing for Web 3.0
  • Expertise in design for mobile devices: Responsive, HTML5 based, App Design
  • Experience in designing real time interactions
  • Balance visual style with ease-of-use
    Our network includes a set of niche service providers who are entirely focused on Software Quality Assurance services:
  • Test Strategy and Consulting Services
  • Expertise in Automated Testing Solutions
  • Expertise in Performance, Security, Usability and Accessibility Testing
  • Expertise with SOA testing techniques
    Power your business with insights served by our network of Business Intelligence (BI) experts:
  • Expertise in a wide range of BI solutions: Oracle BI, IBM Cognos, Informatica
  • Experience in creating MIS and Reporting solutions
  • Experience in building sophisticated ETL systems
  • Expertise in OLAP techniques
    Power your organization with a comprehensive range of Enterprise solutions:
  • Experience in Enterprise 3.0 architecture
  • In-depth expertise in Enterprise App solutions: SAP, Oracle, Siebel
  • Experience in SaaS based enterprise and CRM solution: Salesforce
  • Strong Experience in System and Cross-Platform Integration
    Our service providers support a wide range of infrastructure solutions:
  • Data Center Management Services
  • Managed Security Services including end to end Security solutions
  • Expertise in managing Virtualized infrastructure
  • Converged Network and Unified Communication services
    Our network of internet marketing experts helps in achieving superior marketing performance in the virtual domain:
  • Impact- oriented digital marketing strategy - SEO, Social Media Advertising
  • Integrate digital marketing strategy for enhancing business visibility
  • Increase interaction and connection, deploying social media strategy
  • Accelerate business growth in a cost effective manner

Research and Insights

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  • 25+ service providers specialized in mobile app development
  • Over 8,000+ resources with specialized skills in mobile
  • One integrated network for all mobile platform skills
  • Experience in building complex Enterprise Mobility solutions
  • 150+ service providers specialized in web development
  • Over 50 projects delivered for global clients
  • Integrated, end to end web development – UX, development, CMS configuration
  • One stop shop for a wide breadth of web skills
  • 70+ service providers specialized in cloud application development
  • Over 3000+ resources experienced in latest cloud technologies
  • End to end cloud solutions – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS
  • Expertise in building complex, virtualized infrastructure
  • 25+ service providers specialized in Big Data
  • Over 3,000+ resources experienced in latest big data techniques
  • Experience accelerating insights using state-of-the-art Big Data techniques
  • Experience with data discovery architecture
  • 10 service providers specialized in Gamification
  • Over 500 resources experienced in latest gaming techniques
  • One-stop shop for designing, configuring and maintaining your implementation
  • Monitor and optimize gamification performance over time
  • 20+ service providers specialized in mobile solutions
  • Over 2000+ resources with specialized skills in mobile
  • One integrated network for all skills you need
  • Strong time-to-market capabilities
  • 15+ specialized providers of UI/ UX Design solutions
  • Over 500+ resources experienced in latest UI/ UX techniques
  • Familiarity with latest design trends: animation, flat designs, mobile web designs
  • Expertise in building deeper integration of digital and physical experiences
  • 100+ specialized providers of Software Quality Assurance services
  • Over 4500+ Software Quality Assurance professionals
  • Experience in Automated Testing Solutions and Niche Test Environments
  • Experience in Agile testing methodologies
  • 25+ service providers offering Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Over 3,000 resources trained in latest BI techniques
  • Strategic consulting skills in Business Process and Data Management
  • Experience in content-rich, interactive BI portal design
  • 20+ specialized providers of Enterprise apps solutions
  • Over 3500+ resources across SAP, Oracle, Salesforce
  • Cross-platform expertise including Mobile and Cloud based enterprise solutions
  • Experience in developing Enterprise Social Software
  • 15+ specialized providers of Infrastructure Solutions
  • Over 3,500+ Infrastructure management professionals
  • Experience in latest Cloud and Virtualization solutions
  • Analytics-led transformation services to analysis “as-is” & derive target state
  • 10+ service providers specialized in internet marketing
  • Delivered many projects for global clients
  • One stop shop for comprehensive internet marketing solutions
  • Expertise in delivering secured and successful digital marketing solutions

Success Stories

HC finds an agile, collaborative partner to meet their evolving requirements

Success Stories

Enterprise product company collaborates with IT Exchange to find the right partner for its niche technology product

Success Stories

Internet Marketing company achieves cost optimization and rapid service delivery with the help of IT Exchange

Success Stories

A large travel company finds partner to generate insights

Success Stories

Media Distribution House finds the right support for its mission critical IT infrastructure and services with the help of IT Exchange

Featured Service Provider


An award winning firm delivering state of the art IT solutions in the Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technology space by converging them with traditional web technologies and emerging connected devices landscape.

Employees   :150

Founded   :2010

Awards   :NASSCOM Emerge 50, Red Herring 100 Asia

Key Skills   :iOS, Android, .NET, HTML5

Key Services   : Mobile App Development & Web App Development, BI

Key Industries   : E&U, Telecom, Media, Healthcare

Featured Service Provider


We know the fact that your unique software product is going to be your USP. We develop your software products that are delivered both “On Premise” and “On Demand”.

Employees   :150

Founded   :2003

Awards   :NASSCOM Inclusivity Award

Key Skills   :.Net, PHP, Python, Java, iOS, Android, WP

Key Services   : Web App Development, Portal Development

Key Industries   : Healthcare, Internet & IT, BFSI, Retail

Featured Service Provider


With its experience in utilizing the right technology the company has been successfully delivering projects by understanding the importance of businesses to go beyond just the traditional touch point.

Employees   :250

Founded   :2005

Awards   :

Key Skills   :Java, Magneto, OpenGL, MySQL

Key Services   : Cloud Application Development, Infrastructure Services

Key Industries   : Internet & IT, Media, High-Tech, Travel

Featured Service Provider


A niche Business Intelligence & Datawarehouse solutions provider focused on design, implementation and support of enterprise BI. We've driven major transformations at tier-1 multinationals proving our capabilities.

Employees   :25

Founded   :2007

Awards   :

Key Skills   :OLAP, Teradata, Cognos, Oracle BI

Key Services   : BI, Database Design, Reports, ETL

Key Industries   : Telecom, BFSI, Manufacturing

Featured Service Provider


Specializing in product engineering, we provide services right from product conceptualization to product sustenance. We understand the challenges and issues in Product Development life cycle and address these very effectively.

Employees   :100

Founded   :2008

Awards   :CMDA Best Marketing Person

Key Skills   :C#, .NET, Android, iOS, MS Visual Studio

Key Services   : Product Engg, App Development

Key Industries   : Automotive, Telecom, BFSI, Healthcare

Featured Service Provider


Specializes in providing software services aimed to give you more from your technology investments. With a rich experience in providing offshore software development, PM capabilities and stringent quality standards.

Employees   :50

Founded   :2010

Awards   :

Key Skills   :J2EE, JQuery, MySQL, AWS, .NET

Key Services   : Mobility, Cloud, Web App Development

Key Industries   : Logistics, BFSI, Internet & IT, Healthcare

Featured Service Provider


We design for great digital experiences. We balance usefulness, ease-of-use, and engagement within project constraints to achieve optimal solutions. We dig into your product strategy and your users’ needs to improve your product functionality and aesthetics

Employees   :50

Founded   :2005

Awards   :IBM Beacon Award

Key Skills   :Android, iOS, HTML, XHTML, HTML5

Key Services   : UX & UI Design

Key Industries   : Internet & IT, Retail, Media, Telecom

Featured Service Provider


An innovation driven company and a market leader in providing quality management solutions & services with a commitment to offer the best in delivering quality across industries.

Employees   :300

Founded   :2005

Awards   :Deloitte Fast 50 India, Red Herring Asia 100

Key Skills   :Quality Center, Selenium, JIRA, QTP

Key Services   : Functional Testing, Testing Automation

Key Industries   : Telecom, Media, Internet & IT

Featured Service Provider


The technical competence of our team coupled with strong sense of ownership and “whatever it takes” attitude to making the relationship work has resulted in 100% track record of client retention over the past 11 years.

Employees   :300

Founded   :2004

Awards   :

Key Skills   :Hadoop, PL/SQL, MySQL, Java, .NET

Key Services   : BI, App Development, Infrastructure Services

Key Industries   : Healthcare, High-Tech, Travel

Featured Service Provider


We are an Oracle GOLD Partner and an ISO certified company which delivers unique solutions for IT systems across a broad spectrum of industries. Our key area of expertise include ERP and BI implementation.

Employees   :200

Founded   :2008

Awards   :

Key Skills   :Oracle Apps, Oracle DB, OLAP, Oracle Forms

Key Services   : Packaged Apps, BI, Web & Mobile App Support

Key Industries   : E&U, Retail, Manufacturing, Internet & IT

Featured Service Provider


To be a trusted partner to our customers providing value for their investment through IT Infrastructure Projects, Remote Infra Management Services, Managed IT Services and R&D Lab Enabling Services.

Employees   :200

Founded   :2002

Awards   :

Key Skills   :Active Directory, VMware, FireWall

Key Services   : Infrastructure Design, Virtualization

Key Industries   : Internet & IT, Telecom, Manufacturing

Featured Service Provider


We are the goto company for White Label SEO, PPC, Social services. Working with over 400 agencies. Invested over $2 Million in technology to create the best Marketing Dashboard.

Employees   :400

Founded   :2013

Awards   :Best Use of Social Media Platform

Key Skills   :SEO, PPC, Affiliate & Social Media Marketing

Key Services   : Internet Marketing

Key Industries   : Internet & IT, Healthcare, Travel

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