Invoice Generation

Business Scenario

The Buyer was facing challenges with the Invoice generation processes used in their Reservation Management System. The data generated using current systems was not formatted which led to additional work and the invoices could not be generated properly. They were looking for a solution where the formatting logic can be changed which will result in saving time and an efficient invoice generation process.

About the Buyer

Buyer is a well known and established player in the travel & lesiure industry for more than last 50 years. It is a global enterprise comprised of a family of travel companies offering high-impact experiences to their travelers.  

How ITeXchange helped

ITeXchange supported them with the best solution for the challenge they faced. The new team understood their current systems in place and successfully replaced the formatting logic using SQL server Reporting services which resulted in faster invoice generation. The solution ensured that data stored is in proper format to reduce time and effort for invoice formatting. The team also created a base to be integrated with other web based systems.

Value Delivered

  • Buyer witnessed signification improvement in performance, flexibility and data integrity in the Reservation Management Systems
  • Solution achieved faster invoice generation and accurate data formatting
  • Automated processes and modular stored procedures were put in place leading to time and cost savings

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