Lotus Notes Migration

Business Scenario

The Buyer was using Lotus Notes tool to manage all documents for call center team providing customer support. The need expressed was to migrate from Lotus Notes to SharePoint to experience improved user experience and ease of use.

About the Buyer

Buyer is one of the largest international vacations providers. Their unique offerings make them one of the top brands in the travel industry.  

How ITeXchange helped

An expert team set up by ITeXchange carried out an extensive analysis on the Lotus Notes schema to help Buyer find the most suitable equivalent tool in SharePoint. One of the drawbacks of Lotus Notes solution was that it saved all documents as custom formatted XML document. The new team created a tool to convert these to equivalent SharePoint objects and documents.

Value Delivered

  • Users experienced an extremely easy transition to new tool SharePoint with no loss of information
  • Buyer enjoyed improved performance as SharePoint is a user-friendly tool which was also a cost-effective solution as compared migration to other tools
  • New custom tool developed could convert 1000+ documents in an hour with very clean conversion

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