Agile Development

Business Scenario

As a tech startup, Buyer sought a right long-term partner who could understand the challenging startup scenario. Its key objective was to achieve optimum quality within limited resources. Since Buyer's product is based on a niche technology, finding the right implementation partner posed a stiff challenge.

About the Buyer

Founded in Silicon Valley, Buyer is a new-age technology startup offering advanced data analytics and digital engineering solutions. Buyer is a leading brand and a Nasdaq listed company offering stolen vehicle recovery and other innovative fleet telematics services.  

How ITeXchange helped

At ITeXchange, we leveraged our industry experience and understanding of the US start-up scenario to build an outsourced IT team for Buyer, best suited per their requirements. We provided an agile, collaborative ecosystem required by a tech start-up.

Value Delivered

  • Buyer attained agility and optimum quality with the help of the right handpicked partner
  • Ensured a collaborative understanding of the start-up culture and the criticality of quality
  • Successful delivery of all projects with significant cost and time savings

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