SharePoint Migration

Business Scenario

Buyer was struggling and wanted to migrate their old TRB (Technical Review Board) application to a new Microsoft SharePoint platform with additional enhancements. The old application was making the process of handling process tickets very time consuming. The new features would not only make the process of handling tickets/ records related to various business processes more efficient and faster but also save costs.

About the Buyer

Digital sensor technology provided by the Buyer is the foundation for many innovative solutions in medical, industrial, military and security imaging business markets.  

How ITeXchange helped

ITeXchange team helped the Buyer by setting up a robust IT team who understood the requirements in depth and sought the most appropriate solution for them. The team studied the existing TRB system and proposed a modern age robust solution using SharePoint to overcome the drawbacks of their traditional legacy platform and additional customizations for Custom Views, Dashboards, Widgets.

Value Delivered

  • Successful transition from legacy to a new application
  • Enhanced experience for users with new features added seamlessly in phases
  • Significant costs and time savings
  • The new application fitted their needs well, very low on maintenance and lead to better business planning

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