Website Redesign

Business Scenario

Buyer was using an old and outdated website. The requirements were clear yet comprehensive to revamp the entire website and upgrade their technology platform by migrating to a smarter version of Sitecore to renew the brand image and optimize performance. Given the enormous amount of content, they were looking to create a content library to streamline workflows and achieve seamless orchestration of customer experience and campaigns.

About the Buyer

Buyer is an established company in the travel and lesiure industry with years of experience in designing vacations for world travellers.  

How ITeXchange helped

A new IT team was set up that understood the requirements and provided a range of solutions that fit perfectly with their business goals. Services included architectural consulting, website revamp and analytics, Sitecore platform upgradation, optimized content architecture and Cloudflare integration. As a result Buyer experienced a simplified navigation of website along with better insights from visitor data.

Value Delivered

  • Enhanced website UX and content optimization resulted in larger traffic with improved lead generation and referrals
  • Build Trip process on the site was optimized resulting in 15%-20% new booking
  • Cloudflare Integration resulted in faster load times for critical pages
  • Critical components optimization reduced the load times to less than 2 seconds from over 10 seconds

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