Infrastructure Management

Business Scenario

Buyer had a poor experience working with freelancers. Lack of commitment and timely support adversely affected their revenues. Buyer wanted a trusted and proven partner to effectively support its elaborate private cloud set-up on a 24/7 basis. It sought enterprise-class services within reasonable budgets.

About the Buyer

Buyer company offers comprehensive creative media production solutions in US since almost 20 years and counting.  

How ITeXchange helped

ITeXchange team worked closely with them to understand their IT landscape and hand picked one of the empanelled trusted service provider who offered best in class full range of IT Infrastructure services across technologies. Working with ITeXchange not only brought them experts within their budgets but also offered pre and post engagement support, unlike freelancers.

Value Delivered

  • Swift set up of multi-disciplinary teams and project kick off
  • Ensuring that the IT infrastructure is adequately managed to support the business
  • Quick turnaround on critical issues
  • Full data privacy and intellectual property protection

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