Web Traffic Analysis

Business Scenario

Being a travel company, user journey on the website is particularly important to improve lead generation and serve customers better. Large amount of data from the website was not being analysed effectively, hence the need for a data analytics solution to identify the behaviour pattern of the customers and targeting them accurately.

About the Buyer

A leading brand in the travel & lesiure industry in US, Buyer provides a one-stop-shop for planning and booking international vacations.  

How ITeXchange helped

Experts at ITeXchange analysed their requirements and built an appropriate team for them. A solution was designed that identified the travel preference products, video content and suitable trips for each customer based on web activity.assign ranking for products for each customer.

Value Delivered

  • New solution helped draw accurate customer insights and improve campaign performance by targeting customers with the right product
  • Analysis of customer actions and journey helped boost targeting strategies and sales
  • Buyer witnessed better customer relations, increased customer traction and improved revenue figures

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