Augmented Kentico solution

Business Scenario

The need was to develop a hub for owners and dealers to be able to assess the various resources, training tools, company statistics etc. Adding up to the challenge was the existing Kentico based platform. Being a legacy web content management system, it was difficult to find resources skilled in this technology. Other requirements included third party tool integration, widgets enhancement and website enhancement and support.

About the Buyer

Buyer is a leading brand and a Nasdaq listed company offering stolen vehicle recovery and other innovative fleet telematics services.  

How ITeXchange helped

Post evaluating the Buyer’s requirements, experts from ITeXchange helped them build a Kentico skilled team despite being a hard to find skill. ITeXchange monitored and governed all their projects end to end from website enhancement to third party training tool integration. The newly setup team blended with their existing teams seamlessly and collaborated to build efficient systems.

Value Delivered

  • Speedy set up of teams with hard to find skills like Kentico, NetSuite, Brainshark
  • Significant cost and time savings with Owner’s portal and the Dealer’s hub function as self-service options, answering a lot of their customer’s and dealer’s queries and requests
  • Improved effectiveness of sales strategies from website enhancement

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