Gamification Platforms: The state of play

Gamification Platforms: The state of play
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 17 Nov 2017

Engagement: A magic word when it comes to digital applications that involve users and customers. From retail loyalty programs and sales performance, to e-learning applications there is no success without proper engagement of end-users. Therefore, the importance of tools and techniques that can provide exceptional user experiences is growing. In this context, application designers and integrators are employing game mechanisms in order to improve user experience, while at the same time motivating users’ participation. The process of integrating game-related mechanisms in digital applications is conveniently called “gamification”.

The rising momentum of gamification has led to the emergence of gamification software platforms i.e. tools that facilitate developers to integrate gaming features within non-game applications. Gamification platforms facilitate development of game-like features for several applications, including loyalty management, e-learning, employee engagement and personalized healthcare. However, all of these platforms share some common characteristics and functionalities.


Gamification Platform Functionalities

Gamification platforms enable businesses to create gaming activities that are carried out and enjoyed by their customers or employees. These gaming activities and the corresponding scores are usually associated with performance in real-world activities such as customer purchases, salesforce sales etc. Hence, most gamification platforms integrate some of the following functionalities:


Popular Gamification Platforms

There are numerous gamification platforms, in addition to there being a large number of enterprise software systems (e.g., CRM) that integrate gamification functionalities. Even though an exhaustive presentation of popular platforms is beyond the scope of this post, it makes sense to classify the various platforms based on the application sector that they serve. In particular:


According to a recent study by P&S, the market of gamification platforms is growing and expected to be valued over 22bn $ by 2022. This indicates that enterprises acknowledge the business benefits of integrating game mechanisms in their business processes. We advise you not to ignore the merits of gamification and start considering which of your business processes could benefit from it.

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