Internet Marketing Opportunities on TikTok

Internet Marketing Opportunities on TikTok
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 10 Feb 2020

Social media marketing is nowadays one of the most effective forms of Internet Marketing. Many companies all around the global are investing in marketing campaigns on the most popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. During the last couple of years enterprises are offered with one more option: Advertising on TikTok. The latter is a social networking service for video-sharing, which facilitates the creation of short lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. In the last two years, TikTok has become the biggest video community that is dedicated to the younger generations.

TikTok is available as a mobile app and has a growing momentum. It was the most downloaded app in the US back in October 2018, despite being a Chinese app. Currently, it’s available in more than 150 countries and in 75 languages worldwide, while it has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. Furthermore, it is among the top ten most downloaded apps of the previous decade. Even if one does not know about TikTok, these numbers are by themselves enough for one to consider TikTok in his/her marketing strategy. Nevertheless, there are more reasons to pay attention to TikTok, beyond the growth of the platform’s community.


Why TikTok for Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing budgets are limited and hence marketers should be effective when allocating them across the different social media channels. In this context, one must justify the budget allocated to each channel, based on business criteria. Here follow some good business level justifications for including TikTok in your marketing strategy:


Seizing TikTok’s Marketing Opportunity

Given these potential benefits, companies have to seek effective ways for integrating TikTok in their marketing campaigns. Here are some tips and best practices:


Along with its benefits and opportunities, TikTok has been accused of introducing potential risks especially for Western companies. For example, according to some American organizations TikTok could pose a security threat to the West, given its affiliation with Chinese companies. Moreover, the United States Federal Trade Commission has recently, in 2019, fined TikTok’s owner for collecting information from minors, in-line with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Likewise, data transfer class action lawsuits have bee also filed against TikTok. Despite these allegations and potential risks, the TikTok opportunities for Internet Marketing cannot be ignored. It’s a prime social medium for reaching to younger users and it seems to be growing very fast in an era where mainstream social networking platforms are exhibiting signs of saturation.

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