SEO Outsourcing: The Basics You Need to Know

SEO Outsourcing: The Basics You Need to Know
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 30 Mar 2020

Over the years, outsourcing has been extended to almost all digital activities. From software development to digital marketing, enterprises are outsourcing digital activities in order to cut down costs and benefit from access to global talent. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities are no exception to this rule. It turns out that SEO activities are very important for enterprises of all sizes, as their digital channels are gradually becoming a primary modality for communicating with customers. As a prominent example, the home page of an enterprise’s web site is usually the first touchpoint for every potential customer. Therefore, maximizing Google search efficiency for the home page can have a positive impact on the sales, marketing and branding strategy of the company. In this context, SEO is a valuable digital marketing tool that can greatly boost an enterprise’s digital visibility and Internet reputation.

The SEO process is highly technical and is usually performed by experts that have a deep understanding of how search engines works, especially in terms of the way they rank pages.  Therefore, it’s common for enterprises to resort to outsourcing, in order to benefit from access to some of the world’s top experts, including both individuals and digital marketing agencies.  SEO Outsourcing services include both on-page optimization activities (i.e. services relating to keywords, metadata, blog) and off-page optimization activities (i.e. services relating to link building, guests’ posts and social media).


Understanding the SEO Challenges

Even though SEO is an experts’ task, several companies are tempted to perform SEO tasks in-house. Their motivation is economic i.e. to save from the outsourcing costs, and a matter of control i.e. to control the SEO process in-house. However, this thinking is problematic as SEO inefficiencies can incur significant costs, which can be considered as the “hidden costs” of trusting the SEO process to non-experts. On the other hand, the SEO process is extremely challenging in the long term, which is a good reason for outsourcing it to world class experts. Specifically, the challenges of SEO outsourcing include:


Guidelines for Successful SEO Outsourcing

While there are some good arguments for justifying your outsourcing decision, it not always easy to ensure the success of your outsourcing endeavor. Here follows a piece of advice for companies that opt for SEO outsourcing:


In an era of increased digitalization, there are some very good reasons for outsourcing elements of your digital marketing strategy, including SEO activities. Earlier paragraphs have outlined some best practices for successful SEO outsourcing, which are intended to help companies avoid pitfalls and set realistic expectations.

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