Serious Games as an Enterprise Productivity Tool

Serious Games as an Enterprise Productivity Tool
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 06 Aug 2019

For most people play is considered the opposite of work. Therefore, working while playing sounds like a contradiction. Nevertheless, in recent years many enterprises are integrating play activities as part of the work routine of their employees. In several cases these activities include serious games, which aim at training them in specific tasks and increasing their engagement in various work activities. In this context, companies are increasingly reexamining their stance against work and play, as well as against how these can be combined to elevate employee productivity. Recent studies demonstrate that there are many good reasons for injecting play activities in the workplace. At the same time, there is already a host of different games that companies can use to improve engagement and training of employees.


Serious Games in Corporate Environments: The Motivation

There is some proven motivation behind administering serious games to employees. The most prominent motives include:


Prominent Game Types

Given the above listed benefits, many serious games vendors have recently produced play activities for training and educating of employees with different roles in a variety of enterprises and in various sectors of the economy. There are tens of games that are applicable in the corporate environment. Many of these games fall in the following categories:


The blending of play activities into every day work is a pleasant, yet very effective way to train employees and improve business results. Enterprises are gradually discovering the benefits and adopting serious games as part of their employee training and education programs. It’s certainly a new exciting opportunity that human resources and the top management of modern enterprises cannot afford to ignore.

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