The CIO Playbook: Challenges and Opportunities in a Digital Economy

The CIO Playbook:  Challenges and Opportunities in a Digital Economy
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 10 Nov 2015

The last five years or so have been nothing short of transformative in how business is carried out and the world has completely changed.

Disruptive technologies have led to a sea change in business-as-usual scenarios and altered consumer behaviour across almost all industries. Tech startups that didn’t exist five years ago are redefining what it means to hail a taxi or book a room while holidaying and in the process putting existing players out of business.

In a world where IT drives change in business models CIOs (Chief Information Officers) have a stiff challenge and a tantalizing opportunity.

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The whitepaper The CIO Playbook: Challenges and Opportunities in a Digital Economy examines the challenges a CIO currently faces, and looks at trends and opportunities primarily in cloud, mobile and big data so that they can take on additional responsibilities, manage risks, help meet customer expectations, and move from being a service provider for business units to driving innovation in products and services.

The whitepaper highlights how CIO role has changed from being in charge of keeping the lights on and delivering business projects under the guardianship of a business stakeholder to impacting the organizational hierarchy and driving strategy. The whitepaper talks about how it is not enough for today’s CIOs to run a tight ship or keep themselves updated with the latest digital trends. They need to be Chief Innovation Officers.

While the whitepaper extensively deals with mobility, cloud, and Big Data these are not the only drivers that are creating transformation in CIO roles. Download the whitepaper to understand stiff challenges and a tantalizing opportunities which will help one drive innovation. Happy reading!


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