Is Hiring a Freelancer the Right Choice for Me?

Is Hiring a Freelancer the Right Choice for Me?
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 07 Dec 2014

All companies, irrespective of whether they are SMBs or large MNCs, encounter the need for work to be delivered externally. The reasons for outsourcing vary – from limited in-house resources to lack of relevant skills needed for the job. Of all the functions where outsourcing works well, IT is undoubtedly a prevalent one. When you consider the dominance of digital products in the present day, you easily see why this is the case. Nonetheless, recognising that you need external assistance is only the beginning. You then need to decide who you are going to work with. Are you going to use a freelancer or an individual contractor? Or, should you work with an established company instead? This post is here to help you make that decision.

Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer. It is all about evaluating your requirements and matching them to the most effective solution. In general terms, hiring a freelancer is a great option when you have a small or trivial task that needs completed. If there is someone at your company who can oversee and manage the task, this can be an effective option to go for.

An individual contractor is recommended when there is one issue to contend with which involves few or no complexities, and when Intellectual Property (IP) is of no concern. Moreover, when working with an individual, you must understand the mechanics of the information technology services you require. If you understand the mechanics, then why not complete the task yourself? You simply may not have the resources or perhaps the time. In these instances, whereby companies understand the ins and outs of the service they are outsourcing, most wish to have a certain degree of control over the task. Therefore, they want a more personal approach, which is often what people feel they benefit from when they hire a freelancer.

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Nevertheless, using a freelancer can end up being more hassle than worth if you have a substantial task or project at hand, especially one that contains a wealth of complexities and variables. If there are several issues that must be contended with, an established company is the better option as they offer a layered service. Furthermore, if the project has a significant impact on your company’s overall performance, you cannot risk delegating it to a sole individual. Let’s take the creation of an application for customer engagement purposes as an example.There is an extensive process entailed for this project to be completed successfully, and therefore it needs proper management and responsibilities must be delegated effectively as well. In these instances, B2B companies provide a better solution.You will benefit from a team of experts specialising in various areas. Thus, from programming to marketing, you know that every component of your task will be carried out to the highest of standards. It is pivotal to recognise that, no matter how experienced or skilled a particular freelancer may be, there are always limitations when you work with just one person. If your task is large, complex, or beyond your management capabilities, you must seriously consider using an established company instead.

To conclude, when choosing between a freelancer and an IT service provider, it all depends on your company’s situation and the information technology services you require. You need to carefully assess the size, complexity and weight of the task at hand. By doing this you can then determine whether an individual contractor is substantial enough to cater to your needs, or whether you would be better off using an established IT service provider instead. If there is any doubt in your mind, you should always opt for the latter. If you choose an established company to do the work, risk is much less as you aren’t relying on a sole individual. Moreover, thanks to greater resources and access to a team of skilled professionals, you know your task is going to be managed efficiently and carried out to the highest of standards.

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