Digital Customer Experience: A Critical Success Factor during COVID19 and in the New Normal

Digital Customer Experience: A Critical Success Factor during COVID19 and in the New Normal
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by Sanjeev Kapoor 22 Feb 2021

Since the first days of 2020 COVID19 has led many companies worldwide to accelerate the digital transformation of their activities. In several cases, businesses had to transform physical channels to digital ones. Furthermore, most companies considered ways for improving their digital services towards delivering exceptional experiences and services to their customers. Likewise, the pandemic has changed the ways CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and other C-level executives collect and leverage business data about their products and services. Emphasis is nowadays given on customer interactions through digital channels and virtualized service delivery. In this landscape, digital champions go a step beyond conventional digital service offerings: They focus on the delivery of novel and exceptional digital experiences to their customers.


Trends in Digital Experiences during COVID19 Times

COVID19 led to the massive introduction of new digital services, which facilitated enterprises to operate in the light of applicable restrictions. Specifically, enterprises focused on digital services that help them operate despite restrictions like site lockdowns, tele-working policies, and social distancing. Many of these digital services focused on improving customer experience. In this direction, enterprises took advantage of the following digital trends:

Overall, recent technological advances enable the delivery of exceptional digital experiences. The above-listed trends illustrate how most companies leveraged these advances following the COVID19 pandemic outbreak.


Guidelines for Successful Digital Experiences

IT managers and CIOs must take advantage of the above-listed trends towards implementing effective digital customer experiences that will set their companies apart from competitors. In this direction they must also consider the following guidelines:


During COVID19 times and in the new normal businesses will have to offer effective digital services to their customers. They must go beyond fulfilling customer requests to offering exceptional experiences that respect the customer’s needs. Furthermore, they must continually improve the offered services based on analysis of feedback from the customers. The quality of the offered digital experience is nowadays defining an enterprise in the eyes of the customer. As such it is also directly used with profitability and the company’s bottom lines.

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